Jazz House Kids

Did You Know?

Students in high-quality school music education programs score higher on standardized tests compared to students in schools with deficient music education programs, regardless of the socioeconomic level of their community.

Their Mission

For the past decade, Jazz House Kids has brought music, mentoring, education, and apprenticeship to more than 30,000 students of diverse backgrounds ages 8 to 18, teaching them to be life-long learners, communicators, and innovators. Through their Give an Instrument - Build a Musician Fund, students receive instrument rental and repair, in addition to mentoring from top jazz musicians residing in their community absolutely free!

How Just $25 Can Help

$25 provides a student from an underserved school district with access to a musical instrument for three months or sheet music and supplies for an entire year.

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"I designated my ableDollars to the Give an Instrument, Build a Musician Fund at Jazz House Kids. This life-changing program gives kids whose families can't afford an instrument or lessons the gift of music education."

- Janet S., Montclair, NJ


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