Foothills Animal Shelter

Did You Know?

It is estimated that 4-6 million pets are taken to animal shelters every year in the United States because they are lost or given up by their owners.

Their Mission

Foothills Animal Shelter’s mission is to provide the best care possible for every animal that enters their doors.  They are an open-admissions facility, never turning away an animal, and provide life-saving care to nearly 8,000 orphaned cats, dogs, puppies, kittens and critters each and every year. They are a true community resource that offers a variety of services including adoption, pet licensing, low-cost spaying or neutering, vaccinations and micro-chipping.

How Just $25 Can Help

$25 provides enough bottles to feed nourishing milk to two litters of very young, motherless puppies or kittens that are being fed and lovingly cared for by volunteers of the Foothills Animal Shelter Foster Care Program.

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"I gave my ableDollars to the Foothills Animal Shelter to help support the many animals that have been abandoned, mistreated and need our help. The Shelter assists these creatures so they can continue to give unconditional love to humans."

- Richard P., Lakewood, CO



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580 McIntyre Street
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303.278.7575

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